On Growing Up

From Crina Parasca on Unsplash

On the jagged precipice, I stand
The rim crumbles beneath my feet
Before me, only darkness
Behind, only me

As I step, I shed my skin
“To me,” the void beckons
Out over swells of inky black
Each beat an eternal second

“And what of before?” I try to ask
Though past is quickly fading
No sooner has it disappeared
Than I hear the voice repeating:

“To me.”

No closer does the far side get
Despite my shuddering gait
And no longer do I find myself
Above this universal weight

But instead, beneath And somehow, behind — My aspirations splayed…

Reflections on the Essence of Medicine

By Victoria Riollano on iBelieve.com

I couldn’t be certain, but all of my symptoms pointed toward a broken heart. Indeed, a subsequent radiograph, MRI, and ultrasound would confirm my suspicions: a heart, beating furiously between my lungs, severed right down the middle. This rattling and thumping in my chest was a new sensation, one that I had thought was reserved only for the most painful breakups. But this idea, along with most others I had, was morphing as my worldview rapidly eroded. …

By Katherine Ellen Foley on Gavi.org

On Friday, January 29, Johnson & Johnson posted a press release on their website announcing the Phase 3 results of their COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine, developed and produced by Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, was reported to be 72% effective in the United States, and 66% effective overall at preventing moderate to severe COVID-19; and it was 85% effective at preventing severe disease. They also note that at day 28 post-administration, the vaccine “demonstrated complete protection” against hospitalization and death due to COVID-19. In addition, the press release states that the vaccine provides protection from…

A Poem From the Perspective of Our Dearly Departed

From ÉMILE SÉGUIN 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

As it happens, dying was the easy part.
I simply ceased to be; I was Nothing,
And there was no pain, and I didn’t mind.

I was always so afraid to die
Without the promise of life on the other side.
I couldn’t stand being Nothing,
When all my life I had only ever been Something.
Everything I knew, everyone I loved was Something,
How could that just end? Where would it go?

Even if that afterlife was hellfire and eternal torment,
At least it wasn’t Nothing.

But now, now that Nothing stretches infinitely before me, I find myself oddly…

From Sara Ryding on News-Medical.net

With the development of several COVID-19 vaccines and their distribution worldwide, it is increasingly important that we, and especially those in the business of vaccine development, harbor an understanding of how the biology of SARS-CoV-2 interacts with our own, and how we may leverage that interaction to create the most effective vaccine possible. In an article published last month in Nature Reviews Immunology, Jeyanathan et al. …

A Tale of Introspection

From Michael Ramsden on ZachariasTrust.org

I was tasked recently with writing a story about “What December means to you,” a terrifyingly open-ended question that I puzzled over for weeks. I tried to think of something profound to say and quickly concluded that my lack of life experience rendered me profoundly incapable. I then did a complete one-eighty but struggled to lay out even the most superficial, inconsequential message. Reading over my several pages of incomprehensible ideas, I decided there had to be some medium, some gray area where I fit, and where I could say something that was meaningful and true. Because if there is…

My Junior Volunteering Experience in the ER

By Lindsay Israel, MD from ADAA.org

As a junior volunteer in the ER, I was as starry-eyed and invested as they come, ready to make a difference. Unprepared for the monotonous realities of hospital volunteerism, I spent the first several weeks searching high and low for opportunities to get more involved and really be a part of the clinical team. …

Parker Davis

A student seeking to learn.

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